Saturday, April 27, 2013

David's hard core park core 2 work out

An other beautiful spring day, David and me headed to the Van Courtland Park for a hard core body weight work out. I only had my stick, also called the torturer  devise :-)) and an athletic band with me.
I did some soft tissue work with the stick on his calfs and IT Bands and then warmed up with some body weight lunges and torso twists and then he did bear crawl and side plank with a twist for core and then a full body body weight work out.
I want to show you that you don't need anything, not even a gym or dumbbells to have a  good work out. All you need is a pice of  green grass a bench and a bar for the pull ups and of course desire to work out in a beautiful sunny day :-))).

Warm up:

4 way lunges  3X 4

Lunge with a twist 3X 3


Bear crawl 2X 10

Side plank with a twist 2X 12

Full body:

Bench jumps 3X 8

Decline push ups 3X 30

Assisted pull ups 3X 10

Bulgarian split squats 3X12

Burpees 1X 10


Monday, April 8, 2013

David's hard core track core work out

Sunday afternoon me and David and his girlfriend went to Van Courtland Park's Track in the Bronx to work out. It was a really nice and sunny day here in New York City, so I tough it's perfect to train in the track. The track is a good 10 min walk from our place, so we had the warm up walking there and did some more dynamic stretch and core then a full body with TRX and body weight exercises in the track.
You don't need a gym to work out, all you need is a park or track, a nice day, some fresh air and willingness to do it :-))
Here is David's hard core track core work out:-)))

I used the golfers stretch to stretch the legs, torso and shoulders a little bit. Did the duck walk to loosen up the hip joint more.

Warm up:

Golfers stretch 3X side

Duck walk 1X 20


Side plank 2X 1 min

Inch worm 2X 10

Full body:

Squat jumps 3x 12

Elevated push ups 3x 30

TRX row 3X 12

TRX sg leg squats 3x 12 

TRX prone hip flexion 3X 12