Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Csilla's make over week 6

Last week was a great success, 2 lb down. Beside the workout that we did together she did 2 more interval training for 30 min  by herself and played table tennis twice for over 1 hour with her son.
She is still not having breakfast every day, only couple of days weekly but started to ad more fresh fruits to her diet, pineapples turns out to be a good diuretic to her and one of her favorite.
This week we did more compound exercises, like swings with squats and over head press and lunges with rows to use more muscle in one move and burn more calories. We also did all of the exercises standing up and more jumping like jumping jacks and ice skaters to make her hear rate higher.
This weeks interval training is going to be more intense as well.

For warm up we did lunge with trunk twist.


Bridge with push downs

Resisted quadruped arm end leg extension

Full body

Sg arm swings to squat and over head press

Standing close grip chest press

Back lunges with rows

Upright rows 

Ice skaters


Jumping jacks with bar


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

David's make over week 8

Last week we only trained once and David went to swim once, the scale didn't moved this week, so he is still 197 lb. The ups and downs of loosing weight is that one week you lose big and the other week you don't lose anything, but this is perfectly fine and normal, no need to worry about it just keep up with the diet and exercise routine.
This week we are going to do mostly sg arm and leg exercises. Doing sg leg and arm exercises improves balance, strengthens the core, uses the stabilizing muscles and burns more energy overall.
As usually we started with the foam rolling and then for warm up did the side lying torso twist and the modified leg raise 2X 12 of each. This week for core we did high and low planks and inverted bridge on the ball.


High and low planks 2X12

Inverted bridge on the ball 2X12

Full body:

Sg leg dead lift 3X12/side

Sg arm band chest press 3X12/side

Sg leg squats with sg arm row  3X12/side

Seated sg arm lat pulldowns  3X12/side

Supine hip extension with pull overs  3X12


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Csilla's make over week 5

Csilla's fourth week was a great success, the scale is not moving but we measured her waist when we started four week ago and we measured yesterday and she has lost 4,5 inch ( 11,5 cm) in four weeks which is really good. She feels a lot better and getting stronger, probably that is why we don't see the scale move, and fitter, her interval training is more and more intense every week.   This week she did the jumping jacks with a 9 lb bar, her boxing is getting a lot faster and more intense.

This week for core we did plank with shoulder tap and corkscrew with a bar.

Plank with shoulder tap 2X 20

Corkscrew 2X12/side

Full body

Romanian dead lift 2X12 

Seated chest flys 2X12

Bent over reverse flys 2X12

Band squats 2X12

Back lunges with over head press sg arm 2X12/side

Standing shoulder scaption 2X12

Jumping jacks with bar 2X20

Boxing 2X4 min

Plank 2X 30 sec


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

David's make over week 7

Last week was an other great success for David, he lost 5 lb, he is down to 197 lb and his body fat is 19,7%.
Half way down on the make over, 22 lb and 5% body fat  lost so far.

Before and After pics for the 6 weeks mark.

This weeks workout is more dynamic and intense.
For warm up we did the foam rolling, the side lying torso twist and modified leg raise.

Side lying torso twist 3X12/side

Modified leg raise 3X12/side



Standing chops 3X12/side

Side plank with rows 3X12/side

Full body circuit 3X 

 Sg arm Kettle bell swings 3X15
 Romanian dead lifts 3X12
 Decline push ups 3X20
 Bent over wide grip row 3X12
 Tall kneeling curl and press 3X12


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

David's make over week 6

This week the scale didn't moved for David either, he is 202 lb, 17 lb down in 5 weeks.
Human body takes 4 to 6 week to adopt, weight lose is the biggest in the first 4 week, muscle gain is the easiest in the first 4 week because neural adaptation. David is almost 20 lb less then when he started so his body needs less energy( food) to function or burn more energy during exercise. Because of his back pain I can't really pus him to his limits, we have to be very careful with his lower back, he is limited in certain movements and he does't have full range of motion in his hip. If the hip is limited the lower back takes over and that can cause  lower back problems if the person is not strong enough to handle the stress.
To take up the notch on his training without hurting his back he is going to do swimming one day a week for about 30-40 min.
His diet is the same, no sugar, salt, flour or any kind of processed food. 3 meals a day consisting of lean protein, healthy fats and good carbs, nuts and fruits for snacks if hungry between meals.

This weeks exercises are much like last weeks with small changes.

For warm up we did a modified sg leg raise 


Plank with shoulder tap 2x 20

Ball roll outs  2x12



Full body

Modified deep squats   3X15


Push ups 3X15


Band bent over row 3X15


Ball pull overs 3X15


Standing upright rows 3X15


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Csilla's make over week 4

This week the scale didn't moved, Csilla's body is still holding back water, her ankle got swollen because of water. We had to cut back on the salt even more and include more natural diuretic food into her diet like, melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley and lots of water.
For this weeks exercises we did more dynamic exercises like sg arm chest press with torso twist and sg arm rows with torso twist and took the notch up on boxing, too.
Because the regular exercise, Csilla is getting fitter and fitter, so we modified the interval training, too. Now she is able to run  10 min on 6 ( 6 mile/hour), so for this weeks interval training she is going to do 1 min on 7 and 2 min recovery on 3 x5

3 min warm up on 3
1 min on 7
2 min on 3 X 5
5 min cool down on 3

23 min total time

For warm up this week we did the

mini band side walk 1X 12

back lying torso twist 1X12

for core

plank 2X 1 min hold

bridge 2X12

for full body

band squats 3X12

sg arm standing chest press with torso twist 3X15

sg arm standing row with torso twist 3X15

side lunges with biceps curls 3X12

upright row 3X15

jumping jacks 3X15


Stay tuned for next weeks exercises !!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Csilla's make over week 3

Csilla's 2nd week was a  great success, only one pound on the scale but her clothes  are getting loser and loser. She feels a lot better and moves a lot better and has more energy. She is a mom with a full time job and still finds time to exercise 3 times a week, sometimes 10 pm in the night. Making changes sometimes its hard and slow and requires sacrifices, but if you don't give up and keep doing it you will reach your goal.
This weeks work out is a combination of cable machine and athletic band exercises and boxing for cardio.

We started with warm up and core exercises and then did a full body workout.
For warm up see previous posts.


Plank 2X 30 sec hold

Standing core twist 2X 12/side

Full body

Athletic band squats 3X 12


Seated chest press 3X 12


Athletic band bent over row 3X12


Seated leg curls 3X12


Standing triceps extension 3X12 


Boxing 3X3 min


Finished up with stretching.

Stay tuned for next week exercises!!

David's make over week 5

David's 4th week was an another great success, two more pounds down, he is 202 lb now. 17 lb down in 4 weeks, hard work but worth it. One more week and he will be 200 lb or less.
For this weeks exercise we only used a ball and an athletic band and did a really hard workout. Anybody who thinks you need a gym and heavy weights to lose weight and get in shape try this few simple exercise with the athletic band and you will see how hard it is.
As usually we always start with the foam rolling and warm up then do the core exercise next and then a full body workout with the athletic bands.
For the foam rolling and warm up see previous posts.


Plank with shoulder tap 2x 20

sg leg bridge 2x 12/side


Full body

Modified band squats   3X 12


Push ups 3X 15


Band bent over row 3X 12


Band high pulls 3X 12


Ball leg curl 3X12


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!