Tuesday, March 5, 2013

David's make over week 9

Now that Davis is getting closer to his ideal body weight is getting harder and harder to lose weight.  Last week he didn't lose any weight, he still weigh 197 lb, from now on if he wants to lose more weight he has to cut back on food or pump up the intensity of the workouts.
This week he is doing a high intensity interval training with kettle bells and body weight. Only 3 exercises -beside the 2 core exercise and the warm up- but 6 set and between 10-20 repetitions.
We  started with the regular foam rolling and warm up, back lying torso twist and modified leg raise, the we did the core exercises, standing cable front press and side plank with cable row, and the we did 6 sets from the following 3  exercises: double arm swings with deep squats and over head press, push ups and side plank with cable row. He started with 10 reps from each exercises then did 12,14,16,18 and 20.
The benefits of doing high intensity interval workouts with weights is that beside building muscle you get a good cardio workout, too. If you only take short ( 1-2 min) brakes between exercises, its good for your muscles and heart, too and burns a ton of energy and leaves you with the feeling of a good, intense workout.
 Right after the work out David has a vegan protein shake for dinner, to help his body to build muscle.


Standing cable front press 2X 12/side

Side plank with cable row 2x 12/side

Full  Body

Double arm swings with deep squats and over head press 6X 10-20 

Push ups 6X 10-20

Side plank with cable row 6X 10-20


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!


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