Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Csilla's make over week 7

You can't always measure progress on the scale and even if you don't see any results for a while you just have to keep doing the work and believe in it. Losing weight is not only diet and exercise but a mental thing, too. Being over weight and eating empty calories for a long period of time it makes the body hold on to the body fat and every calories that we put in our body because it goes on starving mode. We have to give the body real food filed with nutrient to be able to go off from starving mode. Sometimes people hold on to their weight mentally, it's not easy to let it go, especially if you don't know why are you holding to it. It helps a lot to find out the real reason behind your weight.
The weight is coming of from Csilla slowly but she has great progress on the tread-mill and exercising. She is getting a lot fitter, stronger, healthier even though it's still hard to stick to regular breakfasts and drinking water, and moves a lot easier.
She is running on 8.5 mile/hour on the tread-mill for 30 sec and only needs 1 min recovery time and back to 8.5 for another 4-5 intervals, compared to 5 mile/hour less then 2 months ago when we started.
This weeks exercises were a little bit more dynamic, we did a proper warm up and then did the core and full body exercises in on set without any breaks between reps and had only 1 min break between sets and did 3 sets.

Warm up:
Back lunge with a twist

Mini band side walk

Full body circuit:

Corkscrews  3X 12/side
Plank 3x 30 sec hold
Band swings 3X 15
Band snatches 3X 15
Band squats with over head press 3X12
Jumping jacks with bar 3x15


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!


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