Wednesday, March 20, 2013

David's Make Over week 11

David's last week was an other great success, lost 2.5 lb, so he is 193.5 lb, 25.5 lb lighter then 11 weeks ago. He might not be able to hit the 30 lb in 3 months, but come pretty close to it, which I think deserves a big Congratulations, he did a really good job with the diet and exercise, too. He has no sugar carvings any more, if he is hungry between meals snacks on raw, unsalted nuts, moves a lot easier, less stress on his lower back and knees and developed a lot of  good habits, like buying only foods that is good for him, planing and preparing the meals for himself, regular exercise on a weekly basis and drinking a lot of water.
Here are this weeks workouts:
Foam roll and dynamic stretch to warm up, core and full body.


Ball roll outs 2X 15

Plank on the foam roll with leg lifts 2X20/alternating

Full Body:

Modified deep squats with upright rows 3X15

Decline push ups 3X15

Assisted pull ups 3X7

Sg leg squats 3X15/side

Standing tube biceps curl 3X15


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!

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