Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Csilla's make over week 3

Csilla's 2nd week was a  great success, only one pound on the scale but her clothes  are getting loser and loser. She feels a lot better and moves a lot better and has more energy. She is a mom with a full time job and still finds time to exercise 3 times a week, sometimes 10 pm in the night. Making changes sometimes its hard and slow and requires sacrifices, but if you don't give up and keep doing it you will reach your goal.
This weeks work out is a combination of cable machine and athletic band exercises and boxing for cardio.

We started with warm up and core exercises and then did a full body workout.
For warm up see previous posts.


Plank 2X 30 sec hold

Standing core twist 2X 12/side

Full body

Athletic band squats 3X 12


Seated chest press 3X 12


Athletic band bent over row 3X12


Seated leg curls 3X12


Standing triceps extension 3X12 


Boxing 3X3 min


Finished up with stretching.

Stay tuned for next week exercises!!


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