Tuesday, February 5, 2013

David's make over week 5

David's 4th week was an another great success, two more pounds down, he is 202 lb now. 17 lb down in 4 weeks, hard work but worth it. One more week and he will be 200 lb or less.
For this weeks exercise we only used a ball and an athletic band and did a really hard workout. Anybody who thinks you need a gym and heavy weights to lose weight and get in shape try this few simple exercise with the athletic band and you will see how hard it is.
As usually we always start with the foam rolling and warm up then do the core exercise next and then a full body workout with the athletic bands.
For the foam rolling and warm up see previous posts.


Plank with shoulder tap 2x 20

sg leg bridge 2x 12/side


Full body

Modified band squats   3X 12


Push ups 3X 15


Band bent over row 3X 12


Band high pulls 3X 12


Ball leg curl 3X12


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!


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