Thursday, February 21, 2013

Csilla's make over week 5

Csilla's fourth week was a great success, the scale is not moving but we measured her waist when we started four week ago and we measured yesterday and she has lost 4,5 inch ( 11,5 cm) in four weeks which is really good. She feels a lot better and getting stronger, probably that is why we don't see the scale move, and fitter, her interval training is more and more intense every week.   This week she did the jumping jacks with a 9 lb bar, her boxing is getting a lot faster and more intense.

This week for core we did plank with shoulder tap and corkscrew with a bar.

Plank with shoulder tap 2X 20

Corkscrew 2X12/side

Full body

Romanian dead lift 2X12 

Seated chest flys 2X12

Bent over reverse flys 2X12

Band squats 2X12

Back lunges with over head press sg arm 2X12/side

Standing shoulder scaption 2X12

Jumping jacks with bar 2X20

Boxing 2X4 min

Plank 2X 30 sec


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!

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