Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Csilla's make over week 4

This week the scale didn't moved, Csilla's body is still holding back water, her ankle got swollen because of water. We had to cut back on the salt even more and include more natural diuretic food into her diet like, melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley and lots of water.
For this weeks exercises we did more dynamic exercises like sg arm chest press with torso twist and sg arm rows with torso twist and took the notch up on boxing, too.
Because the regular exercise, Csilla is getting fitter and fitter, so we modified the interval training, too. Now she is able to run  10 min on 6 ( 6 mile/hour), so for this weeks interval training she is going to do 1 min on 7 and 2 min recovery on 3 x5

3 min warm up on 3
1 min on 7
2 min on 3 X 5
5 min cool down on 3

23 min total time

For warm up this week we did the

mini band side walk 1X 12

back lying torso twist 1X12

for core

plank 2X 1 min hold

bridge 2X12

for full body

band squats 3X12

sg arm standing chest press with torso twist 3X15

sg arm standing row with torso twist 3X15

side lunges with biceps curls 3X12

upright row 3X15

jumping jacks 3X15


Stay tuned for next weeks exercises !!!

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