Tuesday, February 19, 2013

David's make over week 7

Last week was an other great success for David, he lost 5 lb, he is down to 197 lb and his body fat is 19,7%.
Half way down on the make over, 22 lb and 5% body fat  lost so far.

Before and After pics for the 6 weeks mark.

This weeks workout is more dynamic and intense.
For warm up we did the foam rolling, the side lying torso twist and modified leg raise.

Side lying torso twist 3X12/side

Modified leg raise 3X12/side



Standing chops 3X12/side

Side plank with rows 3X12/side

Full body circuit 3X 

 Sg arm Kettle bell swings 3X15
 Romanian dead lifts 3X12
 Decline push ups 3X20
 Bent over wide grip row 3X12
 Tall kneeling curl and press 3X12


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!


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