Monday, February 25, 2013

David's make over week 8

Last week we only trained once and David went to swim once, the scale didn't moved this week, so he is still 197 lb. The ups and downs of loosing weight is that one week you lose big and the other week you don't lose anything, but this is perfectly fine and normal, no need to worry about it just keep up with the diet and exercise routine.
This week we are going to do mostly sg arm and leg exercises. Doing sg leg and arm exercises improves balance, strengthens the core, uses the stabilizing muscles and burns more energy overall.
As usually we started with the foam rolling and then for warm up did the side lying torso twist and the modified leg raise 2X 12 of each. This week for core we did high and low planks and inverted bridge on the ball.


High and low planks 2X12

Inverted bridge on the ball 2X12

Full body:

Sg leg dead lift 3X12/side

Sg arm band chest press 3X12/side

Sg leg squats with sg arm row  3X12/side

Seated sg arm lat pulldowns  3X12/side

Supine hip extension with pull overs  3X12


Stay tuned for next weeks workouts!!!

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